Windward Made

Windward Made is the creative studio and shop of designer Inge van Geem


Inge van Geem

That’s me! Nice to meet you.

My work is all about storytelling through branding, design and illustration. Inspired by nature, (natural) history and art, I love working with my hands to transfer that natural feeling to paper and screen through illustrations, hand lettering and other design elements.

It’s a balancing act between creativity and functionality, detail and simplicity, imagination and reality.

I work from home in a village in the south of the Netherlands. When I’m not working, you can find me growing food, cooking a good meal, going for long walks with our dog, reading fantasy novels or getting together with friends for beer and boardgames.


the studio

With Windward Made studio I focus on brand design for the creative entrepreneur, telling your unique story with a beautifully designed brand. Carrying this through your website, print materials and social media, I help tell your story consistently while providing you with an effective marketing tool.

Growing from your brand design, I also develop unique, tailor made websites focusing on the best way to present your content to your target audience. As a “virtual homemaker”, my goal is to help small business owners and creative entrepreneurs make their virtual homes inviting and appealing to the kind of people they’d like to have over.

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the shop

In the shop you’ll find art prints and scarves with reproductions of my original illustrations and paintings. It’s a place where my own ideas can run wild, an exploration and documentation of the world around and within us. Recurring themes are nature, pattern and history, blended with a healthy dose of imagination.

Eco friendly production is important to me and so I’ve carefully selected the paper, fabric, ink and companies I work with.

The archival art prints are printed to order on paper with a natural warm tone, a certified archival grade and made of a renewable resource, bamboo. All scarves are made from the finest Belgian linen and digitally printed at a small local printing company.

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